Explore St. Augustine by Color: Green Day

This post is sponsored by Noble Juice. Thanks, Noble, for making it FUN to explore Florida AND to drink green!

Like a Disney trip with a 1.5 year old, touring St. Augustine with little ones can feel more like work than vacation. New places, tours where they’re supposed to be still and quiet and long days exploring from “son up to son down” leave cute kiddos cross.

Don’t waste your trip! Instead of dragging preschoolers through grown-up experiences, tailor your trip to the little ones you love. Start with something they know… colors… then pick through the suggestions below to create a perfect family vacation for mom, dad, big bro & sis and the little ones too.

Green Day Kids St Augustine Guide

Explore St. Augustine using your 5 senses… but keep it green for the green day!!

SEE GREEN in St. Augustine

  • For lots and lots of GREEN, head to the Mission of Nombre de Dios. This peaceful, waterfront spot has sidewalks, gazebos, a bench swing and a pond that fills from the San Sebastian River.
    • LOOK for GREEN turtles swimming in the pond!
    • LOOK for a GREEN vine covered chapel!
    • LOOK for 2 types of palms: Sable & Saw Palmetto
Sabal Palm vs Palmetto
The Sabal Palm is Florida’s state tree… here is how to tell it apart from other palms!

SMELL GREEN in St. Augustine

  • LOOK for GREEN lichen growing on the trees if you go on a nature walk or to a wooded park. If you see it thriving on trees, breathe deeply- the air there is extra clean!! It’ll SMELL earthy and clean!

lichen in florida

TASTE GREEN in St. Augustine

  • TASTE Sweet
    • Hyppo’s rotating stock of popsicles is bound to have a tasty GREEN one!
    • Cafe del Hidalgo has a refreshing GREEN apple gelato!
  • TASTE Savory
    • Stay hydrated and healthy with Noble Juice’s Organic Apple Flaxseed or Royal Mandarin GREENS. They’re both surprisingly sweet for a GREEN juice so my kids love them!

Refreshing Noble Juice

TOUCH GREEN in St. Augustine

  • Play on TOUCHABLE GREENS of the oldest putt putt course in Florida! Located in front of the city marina, this waterfront putt putt is short enough for littles. Each GREEN is surrounded by GREEN hedges, which helps keep busy preschoolers from escaping while Dad gets his putt putt on!

HEAR GREEN in St. Augustine

  • LISTEN for the GREEN & ORANGE Trolley! Old Town Trolley is our oldest trolley company in St. Augustine and their drivers are friendly… wave hi when you hear the bell!

Do you have other GREEN ideas? Email me at SimplyStAugustine@gmail.com or comment. I’ll share so other families can enjoy your ideas, too!

Also, LOOK for other color based St. Augustine Kids guides… I have several colors in the works! The best way to ensure you don’t miss one is to SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter (see the yellow button down at the bottom of this page?) You’ll also get a bonus when you sign up… my printable guide to don’t miss St. Augustine experiences! Viva St. Augustine!!


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    cool, I checked two palms by my pool that I planted years ago (before I even knew they were different).
    BINGO: Sabals!

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