Explore St. Augustine by Color: Gray Day

Like a formal wedding with a 1.5 year old, touring St. Augustine with little ones can feel more like work than vacation. New places, tours where they’re supposed to be still and quiet and long days exploring from “son up to son down” leave cute kiddos cross. How can preschoolers vacation in St. Augustine?

Don’t waste your trip! Instead of dragging preschoolers through grown-up experiences, tailor your trip to the little ones you love with this St. Augustine vacation guide. Start with something they know… colors… then pick through the suggestions below to create a perfect family vacation for mom, dad, big bro & sis and the little ones too.

Gray Day St Augustine by Color st. augustine vacation guide
Part of the St. Augustine Vacation Guide for kids series.

SEE GRAY in St. Augustine

The best place to see GRAY in St. Augustine is at the Castillo de San Marcos. This coquina fort was plastered and whitewashed in its prime but has weathered to the gray we all know and love over the past 333 years.

  • LOOK at the walls closely. Coquina is made of broken shells and sand cemented together naturally. Can you see the tiny shells pressed together? This is why it’s important not to climb on the walls!
  • LOOK out from the top of the wall and note the GRAY seawall separating GREEN grass from BLUE river.
  • LOOK for a soldier holding a flintlock musket. Note the simple, silvery GRAY pieces. Most soldiers are willing to explain how it works!

Coquina natures cement st. augustine vacation guide

TOUCH GRAY in St. Augustine

Textures present a great sensory experience opportunity for preschoolers.

  • TOUCH GRAY coquina walls. Follow this with TOUCHING a GRAY sidewalk. How are they similar? (both are hard). How are they different? (One is smooth, the other is very porous)
  • TOUCH GRAY swords and heavy GRAY armor in the Colonial Quarter’s Gunsmith’s shop. A photo-op with the GRAY helmet is a must!
st. augustine vacation guide Colonial Quarter St Augustine Blacksmith
My kids were able to TOUCH a piece of freshly turned iron in the Colonial Quarter St Augustine Blacksmith shop.

SMELL GRAY in St Augustine

The scent of smoke rising from a blacksmith’s fire is unusual in modern day America. In the Colonial Quarter Museum, a blacksmith shapes hooks, hinges and other implements. Other SCENTS in the Colonial Quarter are unusual as well:

  • SMELL dusty GRAY crushed shell paths
  • SMELL GRAY smoke and GRAY ash in the Blacksmith’s shop
st. augustine vacation guide Colonial Quarter St Augustine Traditional Crafts Blacksmith
Colonial Quarter St Augustine Traditional Crafts Blacksmith

TASTE GRAY in St. Augustine

I’m willing to bet it’d be hard to EAT GRAY without quite a bit of thought and planning. GRAY TASTES aren’t on every menu! Allow me to help with my St. Augustine Vacation Guide… here are a few TASTES to choose from:

  • TASTE GRAY Saltwater Taffy at Declaration Boutique. Look in “Mr. George’s Candy Shop” inside the boutique
  • TASTE GRAY at one of my favorite places in St. Augustine… Creme de la Cocoa. This incredible sweet shop makes Earl GRAY French Macarons!
  • Oysters are GRAY and may be a new TASTE experience for your little one. Meehan’s Irish Pub and Cap’s on the Water both have great, fresh oyster bars.
st. augustine vacation guide creme de la cocoa
Creme de la Cocoa is my favorite sweet shop! Chef Nils makes everything you can imagine… including Earl Gray macarons!

HEAR GRAY in St. Augustine

St. Augustine has two forts made of coquina, both from the first Spanish period (1513-1763). Their Spanish names sound different and beautiful! Practice saying these names with your preschooler and enjoy the melody of the Spanish language.

  • SAY and LISTEN Castillo de San Marcos (Cast-eee-yo day San Markos)
  • SAY and LISTEN Fort Mantanzas (for a Spanish accent, say Fort Mah-tahn-zahs)

St Augustine’s church bells still ring regularly. While you will not be able to SEE the GRAY, you will be able to HEAR the GRAY bells ring if you’re in the Plaza de la Constitutión!

  • HEAR the Cathedral’s bells every hour on the hour.

Do you have other GRAY ideas? Email me at SimplyStAugustine@gmail.com or comment. I’ll add them to my St. Augustine Vacation Guide so other families can enjoy your ideas, too!

Also, LOOK at my other color based St. Augustine vacation guide for kids… it’s GREEN and I have several colors in the works! The best way to ensure you don’t miss one is to SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter (see the yellow button down at the bottom of this page?) You’ll also get a bonus when you sign up… my printable guide to don’t miss St. Augustine experiences! Viva St. Augustine!!

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