Michael Franti at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

** The giveaways are closed- thanks for participating! **

St. Augustine hosts some amazing concerts and this town knows how to throw a great party. Wednesday, July 30, 2014, the St. Augustine Amphitheatre is doing both when they bring Michael Franti to St. Augustine with the Soulshine Tour.

Michael Franti is known to celebrate others by bringing aspiring musicians on stage. photo cred: Michael Franti www.facebook.com/MichaelFranti

This is the first concert I’ve ever heard of that starts with yoga and segues into a full concert and a DJ-hosted dance party. From the St. Augustine Amphitheatre’s site:

“the four bands: Michael Franti & Spearhead, SOJA, Brett Dennen and Trevor Hall, come together for a tour that embraces their passions and love of music, dance, yoga and sustainability. Soulshine will be affordably priced, offering activities to keep people of all ages entertained throughout the day and night.”

You read that right, day and night. The Yoga Session is from 3:00PM – 4:30PM but the concert starts at 6:00PM. It’s not quite Gentlemen of the Road, but it’s gonna be a fun day and night for music lovers and yogis.

I hadn’t heard of Michael Franti until My Kind of Town St. Augustine & The Amphitheatre talked about doing a giveaway. I was convinced easily when I heard the he tries to create a family-friendly atmosphere and will even bring kids up on stage sometimes or go off the stage to sing in the middle of the crowd.

“Did she say giveaway?” you ask? Why, yes I did! I have one here on the blog and one on facebook that involves YOGA.

Facebook giveaway: Whether you’re a yoga fan or not, this is gonna be fun- it involves sharing funny yoga poses in front of something that makes your soul shine… and is to win 2 tickets to the actual concert that night. You don’t have to be a pro- have FUN with this- see you at the giveaway: www.facebook.com/SimplyStAugustine

Blog giveaway: I’ll post 5 questions, you answer 2 of them in your comment/entry here on the blog. I will announce one winner {randomly selected from everyone with correct answers} Monday! It’s time for some online scavenger hunt fun!

  1. Where can parents grab a great cup of coffee while their littles play happily and safely nearby?
  2. What historic significance does a Reynolds Block have here?
  3. Who is a local radio celebrity and an art gallery owner? {What gallery?}
  4. Did you know you can purchase Hyppo popsicles in multiple locations here in town but also outside St. Augustine? List a “not St. Augustine” place you can purchase a pop.
  5. And an easy one for last: Who is your favorite local musician? Where do you like to go to listen?
Answer 2 q’s for 1 entry. Share “Simply St. Augustine” with your facebook friends for an extra entry! {There’s a button up in the top R corner to make that easy!} Good luck, y’all!
::Giveaways are CLOSED::
Winner of Yoga Giveaway: Madelin Lepri
Winner of Blog Qs Giveaway: Lauren

liability waiver: Simply St. Augustine offers giveaways just to make you smile! I will announce both winners on Monday. You can thank the Amphitheatre and My Kind of Town St. Augustine for the Michael Franti tickets, I’m just the messenger. We’ll randomly select winners and accept no responsibility for anything. At all. Like, not for changed dates due to unseasonable hurricanes, not for moved locations that you can’t make it to because your friend dropped you off at the concert {before you knew it moved due to the aforementioned hurricane} and you can’t walk all the way to the new one fast enough but you don’t have cab money because you were feeling really good on the way down the road and gave your last change to the nice homeless lady who really wanted some Cold Cow and already spent the cash buying Rocky Road ice cream for her and all the kids in the bounce house… uh, you get the idea. Don’t worry. Be happy. Good luck!


  1. says

    2. There are several things that are significant about the Reynolds Block bricks. First, they were a part of the original “paved” streets of St. Augustine. Second they arrived in St. Augustine due to Flagler’s relationship with RJ Reynolds of Reynolds Tobacco (originally they were used as ballast in ships when they transported tobacco from the US to Europe) … There is so much more but, we dont need a paragraph about Reynolds bricks which I could talk about forever :).

    4. You can find Hyppo pops in Gainesville as well as some local (and not so local) grocery stores.

    Im going to answer 3 just because I love me some St. Augustine live music! Top 3 favorite bands (in no order) Aaron Esposito, Chillula and Brent Byrd and I love seeing music at Miltop!!!

  2. Maria Sayas-Zmirska says

    4. Hyppo pops can be bought at Native Sun and Bono’s in Jacksonville
    5.Aaron Esposito, Smokin Joe at Milltop Tavern
    Please pleae pick me

  3. Lily Larson says

    1. Island Mama Java
    4. Native Sun

  4. Maria Sayas-Zmirska says

    4. Hyppo Pop in Native Sun in Jacksonville, and some Bono’s locations
    5. Aaron Espositi and Smikin Joe at Milltop Tavern

  5. Andrea Kim says

    4. Hyppo pop can be purchased in Native Sun Jacksonville and some Bono’s locations

    3. Aaron Esposito, Smokin Joe at Milltop Tavern

  6. says

    1. Island Mama Java (although I think City Coffee and Dos and Hyppo off 312 are pretty kid friendly as well!)
    5. Hope this counts: Preston Pohl! At Meehan’s when he is in town and everywhere on my iPod 🙂

  7. says

    Saw Michael right after you did…. at St. Paul Basilica in Minneapolis. You speak the truth, the atmosphere that Michael and Spearhead created was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I had never heard of Micahel before that concert & now he’s one of my favorite musicians. I wrote a post about experiencing the concert: http://lucidpractice.com/amazing-michael-franti-concert-minneapolis/
    Let me know what you think 🙂

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