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** One Tuff Mudder is now OUT OF BUSINESS **

Tuff Mudder Jeep St Augustine

Hubby and I love surprising one another… and a couple of weeks ago, I came up with a surprise he’ll have a hard time topping. I rented a jeep from One Tuff Mudder for the weekend!!

I told him I’d pick him up outside the Celtic Festival but when I pulled up to pick him up, he couldn’t find me! LOL Since we’re a big family, our normal ride is a 12 passenger van… he was expecting Big Baloo, not this fun, beachy ride!!

Jeep Rental St Augustine
I picked hubby up from the Celtic Festival.. thus the all green attire. 😉

We had the day to ourselves so we headed straight for the beach. After a pit stop at Obi’s Fillin Station for lunch, we turned off A1A onto the sandy beach. I’m not an experienced beach driver but we put the jeep in 4 wheel drive and it was smooth sailing.

Drive on the beach in St Augustine
Thankfully the rain held off and we were able to spend the weekend with the top down!

One Tuff Mudder generally rents their jeeps for a 9:00 – 5:00 day shift. It’s a fun way to experience the Jeep Life without the commitment… but be careful, this experience may backfire! I was sure hubby would drive the whole weekend, get over his Jeep itch and we could get back to saving cash for a low gas mileage commuter car for our next vehicle purchase. Instead, I drove and had a BLAST and he came home and opened a Jeep savings account. LOL

St Augustine Jeep Rental
Even being stuck in traffic is awesome when the weather is great and you’re chillin’ in a Jeep!!

From the beach, we stopped in Kookaburra Coffee’s new beach location for a great local latte and then headed back N along US1.

The bridge was up.

Traffic was terrible.

It was St. Patrick’s Day weekend so downtown was packed…

…and we didn’t care a bit!! It was so easy to take life as it came because we had no agenda, the top down and great company {one another.} It sounds cheesy… maybe it is… but we had a blast embracing the Jeep Life!

If you need a break from ordinary routine, this is your ticket. Jerry offers a local discount- ask what your rate will be when you call because it changes depending on the season. Here’s their current ad in April, 2016… $99/day.

one tuff mudder jeep rental coupon st augustine
Call for the current pricing as it changes seasonally.

Just add sunscreen and your favorite radio station for an instant vacation!!

** One Tuff Mudder is now OUT OF BUSINESS **


  1. Linda says

    Can the jeep be rented for a week? We will be there the week of thanksgiving this year .

    • says

      Linda- Your best bet will be to call Tuff Mudder. Their contact info is at the end of this post. I’m sure a deal could be worked out for a full week! Good luck & have fun. ~Allie O

  2. Tania Lazerowich says

    How much would a rental for a 2 door Jeep?
    July 17th thru July 27th 2017.

    • says

      Hi Tania-

      One Tuff Mudder has closed. 🙁 I hope you find some other fun to get in to while you’re visiting!

      ~Allie O.

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