Ripley’s Ghost Train

I ain’t afraid of no ghost. 

But I did take a friend with me when Ripley’s invited me to join their new St. Augustine Ghost Tour, Mr. X… just in case.

When we arrived at Castle Warden {aka Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum}, it was still daylight.

We picked up our reserved tickets from the main lobby. They’re available from kiosks around town and even in the ghostly parlor evening-of if there are spots left.

protip: Buy tickets early in your trip, tours regularly sell out!  Combo tickets to Ripleys + Ghost Tour + Mini Golf = more savings.

If you arrive early, no biggie… you can treat your sore, tourist feet to a massage!

The train arrives and our party boards…

I’m not certain if every train follows the exact tour pattern, but ours first stopped at the Old Sugar Mill where we met the “plantation owner”.  Not being a ghost-hunter myself, I really appreciated actors portraying historical characters sharing their history in St. Augustine.

Inside the building, several paintings gave a glimpse into the ghostly beginnings of local legends.  No spoiler warning needed- you’ll have to take the tour to hear the stories!

Our stop at the Hugenot Cemetery provided another encounter with local legend and also allowed for plenty of time to ghost hunt {aka: take lots of pictures & hope you get a weird one.}

I really tried to be a good student, but I’m still not entirely sure how people tell the difference between light reflecting and a “ghost”.  I’ll provide a photo of an example… ghost experts can comment on this post and weigh in.

Back at Castle Warden, we got to the “Mr. X” part of the tour.  This unsolved mystery is shrouded in local politics and {dare I say it?} high profile deceit.  Ripley’s presents the evidence and leaves viewers hungry for answers.

A new 3D movie has been added to the tour since I went- people have commented on my facebook page {what? you’re not a friend of Simply St. Augustine? Well, let’s fix that!!  Click here}.  Anyways, people who have been have said that it’s a typical ghost-hunter video.  A fun addition but not *the reason* to take the tour. 

We have St. Augustine Ghost Tours, St. Augustine Hearse Tours, walking tours of St. Augustine’s haunted history… Ripley’s is my only experience with this type of tour and I’d say it was informative enough to entertain the skeptics {that’s me} and open-ended enough for the believers {that’s my friend} to ghost hunt and share their finds.  Believe it… or not!

Ripley’s Mr. X Tour
First train leaves at 8:00 pm, purchase tickets ahead if you can!


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    We did the walking tour it was really interesting. We’re looking at doing the ghosts and gravestones tour for my sisters bachelorette party. That one goes to the grounds of the lighthouse and the fountain of youth (according to the advertisements).

    I think it’s interesting to see what they say about the “ghosts.” When I was in college everyone said the catholic student center was haunted and they had these “ghost hunters” come in and use their gadgets and they were all yeah there’s ghosts here it was on the news and everything (hello small college town!)

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