St. Augustine Celtic Music & Heritage Festival 2013

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a festive start to a weekend celebration of Celtic heritage here on the first coast.  We walked through the gates at the perfect time… Albannach was rocking the stage with their signature drum-heavy, pipe laden, makes-even-the-clones-dance music!

Albannach rocks Celtic music at the St Augustine Celtic Festival.

I imagine it’s a lot easier for the athletes to compete in highland games with Albannach’s music setting the tone.  This was my first time watching highland games & I loved it!!  I vote we do away with football and instead watch men in kilts throw massive rocks, axes, and weighted bales of hay across the field.  It sounds like I’m being sarcastic- but it was really fascinating!!

Guess this Scot knew enough to wear shorts under his kilt on a windy day. #wiseman

I heard women competed too, I just didn’t see them.  Do gals wear kilts, too?

We watched an experienced athlete coach local newbies through a throw-a-bale-of-hay-over-a pole-with-a-pitchfork contest.  Each time they made it through the line, the pole would be raised higher.  Think of reverse limbo with a pitchfork.  A 15 year old competed beside men his father’s and grandfather’s ages.  It was fun watching the community come together & share this experience.

My favorite part of the festival was watching the Highland Games.

Another community inclusive sport we learned about is Petanque {similar to bocce}.  While the pitchforks have been put away until next year’s festival, you may see our local Petanque club playing on the green in front of Ann O’Malley’s.  I may ask if I can try my hand at it next time!

Families milled around the festival Saturday & Sunday.  We toured RVs, tried new foods {but no kidney pie, thank you very much!} and met local celebrities- you know, pirates and clones and the like.

Meet the leprechaun clone. He traded in his laser blaster for a pot o' gold!
I was Captain for a moment aboard the Pirate Museum's pirate ship float!

Watching the athletes & listening to some great Celtic music made for a sweet afternoon date with my hubby.  I’m looking forward to next year’s fest!  See ya there!


  1. says

    Girls wear kilts too. Choose any length you like, but usually mini, midi, or maxi. Maxi’s are normally worn at formal events.

    • says

      Hmm… something to think about! Should I match my hubby’s tartan?

  2. Kelly Driscoll says

    Albannach really puts on a great show… I first saw them down at the Gainesville medieval faire. My best friend and I have been coming to see them at the Celtic festival ever since! We love this festival; the music, the food, and my 10 year old niece loves their kid’s area.

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