St. Augustine Food Tour

Opa!!  Everyone on the St. Augustine food tour joined our server in calling out the traditional Greek cheer as a flaming Saganaki appetizer arrived.  What a beginning to my tour of St. Augustine’s restaurants!  That afternoon, I tasted the cultural flavor of St. Augustine.

ARRIVAL of the Saganaki – all eyes in the restaurant were on this dish!

I met Mia on a humid summer afternoon.  We’d emailed back and forth so I felt like I was greeting an old friend instead of meeting my tour guide.  She easily introduced me to the other guests and offered cold water as we waited for everyone to arrive.  She hinted that we’d be dining in 4 restaurants with additional surprise stops along the way.  Our first was Athena Restaurant.

Mia had already arranged for this Greek family restaurant to serve us a sampling of their best foods and as we waited, she detailed the history of when, how and why Greeks arrived in St. Augustine.  I love the way she wove history throughout our tour- lots of interesting facts but always leaving me hungry for more.

ADDITION of lemon juice adds a bit of flavor and puts out the flames.

It’s traditional for Saganaki, flaming greek cheese, to be extinguished with lemon.  We sampled it on pitas freshly flown in from Greece.  I’ve tried Saganaki before, at Cafe Alcazar– Athena Restaurant’s dressy little sister- but didn’t use the lemon last time.  It definitely adds to the flavor!

EXTINGUISH: Lemon juice extinguishes flames and then our server dished up the Saganaki.

Doesn’t it look yummy?!

We sampled their gyro as Mia shared about the Greeks opression upon arrival in St. Augustine – and then uprising as they learned their legal rights.  I came to respect this fascinating group who were a great example of being overcomers.

Another of our stops was Gaufres and Goodes, where we sampled traditional Polish pierogi, stuffed cabbage and pyzy.  This was my first time eating Polish food and I’ve decided I’ll take the kids when it’s cold here and we need a “stick to the ribs” meal.  The pierogi were very hearty and comforting {though I’ll admit the Lebanese heritage in me really wishes they would’ve added some garlic and spices!}

As I mentioned before, Mia related the heritage of the people groups represented by the restaurants as we toured.  La Herencia’s Cuban sandwich arrived as she told of St. Augustine residents fleeing to Cuba when the English took control and then the return of both St. Augustinians and Cubans years later.

Cuban sandwiches are fine and all… but the piece de resistance was their Cafe con Leche.  This took me back to high school mornings in Key West when we would walk down to the Cuban Corner Store and order a Cafe con Leche con azucar and Cuban bread toasted with butter and sugar.  We’d sit in homeroom and chat with our Cuban-born teacher, Mr. Puig, who encouraged us to comé in the middle of classThat’s how it is in Key West!  But I digress… La Herencia Cafe’s cafe con leche es delicioso!!

As the tour continued, I enjoyed the food, the history and the company.  I’ll save some surprises for when you join, but I will say that we stopped by Claude’s Chocolate which remains my favorite treat in the entire city.  His handcrafted treats are amazing.

In a city of history like St. Augustine, it makes sense to do a historical food tour- and St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours does a great job.  If you’re a local, you’re likely to discover a new favorite and if you’re visiting you’ll know which restaurants to return to for dinner… if you’re hungry again by then.  😉

St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours
St. Augustine Food Tour $47 if you reserve through the above link


  1. karatbars says

    Thanks for finally writing about St. Augustine Food Tour- its delish!
    Loved it!

  2. Iris Miller says

    We met Lynn for our Walking Food Tour of Old St Augustine. What a delightful tour guide with so much knowledge and charisma! The restaurants we visited were new ones to us and had great service catering to my gluten sensitivity. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and learn about the different cultural influences on the foods of the area.

    • says

      I’m glad you had fun & that they were accommodating to your x-gluten needs! Sounds like a sweet afternoon, Iris. Come back and visit soon! ~Allie O.

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