Get Feet Summer Ready with a Sugar Scrub!

You can read more about local Spas in my St. Augustine Spas section. This post contains an organic foot scrub recipe so read on and refresh your tired feet!

Short version: You need an easy, sugar based foot scrub to perk up your tired feet before you hit the beach. You can use the recipe below and do it at home OR you can go to Nadia for relaxing, reflexology foot scrub. Details below.

Summer Feet foot scrubLonger, but much more entertaining, version:

{please read the following in a cheesy, TV Salesman voice}

Are your feet feeling neglected? Have they been hidden away all winter long in wool socks and heavy boots? Or perhaps my Floridian friends still wore flip-flops but the cool, dry weather left your soles cracked and ashy?

Well, worry no more!! Simply St. Augustine and Your Soothing Moment Massage therapy have the solution! It’s time to get ready for summer with a foot scrub!

{ok, you can stop reading with the cheesy voice now…}

My massage therapist whipped up a moisturizing, exfoliating scrub and is sharing the recipe with you!


This foot scrub is super-simple so it’s realistic for you to do at home. It’s also as natural, healing and pure- remember that your skin is your body’s largest organ. Everything you put on your skin is absorbed by the body so keep it natural!!

Of course, the BEST way for you to pamper cracked feet is to go to Nadia for her Reflexology Foot Scrub. Nadia {aka Your Soothing Moment} works my kinks out monthly and melts away all the working-late-and-picking-up-chunky-babies-and-holding-stress-in-my-shoulders tension that I store in my muscles. Today we added the scrub on to my massage… it was blissful!

Summertime Foot Scrub St Augustine
Hot towels and a foot massage? Yes, please!

Nadia’s Reflexology Foot Scrub is, as the name suggests, more than a quick exfoliation. She is trained in reflexology and massage therapy so this experience is different than a pedicure in the vibrating chair in the nearby strip mall. Budget 30 minutes for this but if you’re able, I highly recommend adding it on to a back massage (30 minutes) or a full body massage (1 hour) for a truly relaxing experience!

Foot Scrub
Nadia exfoliates & moisturizes feet, lower legs and knees!

Get your feet ready for summer with Nadia’s foot scrub or by calling her for an appointment. It’s worth $30. I promise.

Nadia Rubin, LMT #MA75771
Reflexology Foot Scrub – 30 minutes, $30
(904) 501-2844


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    Great post!! I LOVE sugar scrubs…so much easier on my skin than salt! Thanks for writing this!

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