Poseidon Hosts Jane Iredale Rep

Nestled in the heart of St. Augustine, the Casa Monica Hotel is home to Poseidon Spa. A posh, modern space with Moroccan influences, Poseidon aims to be the destination spa of St. Augustine. Guests are invited to utilize Casa Monica’s pool deck and Poseidon’s relaxation lounge with any service. A day at this petite spa is sure to be relaxing and luxurious.

Tuesday, June 16, Poseidon adds another feather in her proverbial cap. Jane Iredale’s Global Makeup Trainer, Shawn Towne, is coming to St. Augustine and he wants to customize your look during a personalized makeup session that afternoon!

Jane Iredale Makeup Poseidon Spa
St. Augustine’s Poseidon Spa provides a pocket of serenity in the heart of busy St. Augustine.

Florida’s strong sun takes its toll on locals’ skin. Sunspots and tight, dehydrated skin are a few conditions aestheticians look for. Poseidon’s facials include a look under the UV light in order to treat problem areas during the session. Layering a facial with makeup application is typically not an option {the skin needs time to rest after a facial} but Jane Iredale makeup is gentle on the skin. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the two experiences together!

Face under UV Light
A look under the UV Light: Dark areas clue aestheticians in to dehydrated skin while white sections are well hydrated.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I went in to experience a “Jane Iredale Makeup Session”. I didn’t even know who Jane Iredale was, actually. {In case you’re ignorant with me, she’s a makeup artist to the stars who formulated her own, gentle product line.}

When Poseidon’s aesthetician, Paula, asked me what kind of look I wanted to do, I was at a loss. Uhh… not the tired-mom-of-a-4-month-old look? We decided to glam it up a bit because I have no idea how to do a darker, smokey-eyed look. {Well, had no idea. Now I know! I just need the occasion & guts to do it!}

Jane Iredale Makeup St Augustine Poseidon
Jane Iredale Makeup is apparently a big deal. I admit, the coverage was even & lasted all day & night but didn’t look heavy!

I learned the importance of moisturizing daily and that I need to protect my skin from the sun even when I’m not going to the beach. The makeup she applied all over my face had both moisturizer and sunscreen in it. They call it HD makeup which I got a kick out of. HD? Like the TV? Yep. And it’s true- it looked even better in the camera than in the mirror!

Jane Iredale Before & After
Forgive the different lighting in the before & after… but I do think the makeup gave nice coverage and was a fun way to play dress-up!

I’m a firm believer that beauty radiates from inside. I’m also a firm believer in having fun and enjoying life! Transforming a face with makeup is fun but it’s also a skill I haven’t honed. Mostly because #aintnobodygottimefodat. My normal makeup routine is about 5 minutes long on the way out the door. Sitting with Paula for some one-on-one instruction demystified the process of glamming it up!

If you’ve always wondered what you’d look like with a different look or if you want to dress up for an event, this is a chance to learn from an expert! Whether you need a new approach to eyes, would love to find the perfect shade of red for your lips or want to learn about the natural, sun-kissed look, Shawn can help you. An appointment this Tuesday is $30 for 30 minutes and you receive all $30 in credit toward any Jane Iredale makeup purchase. Win-win!

Poseidon Makeup Jane Iredale
AFTER: Glam makeup… driving my 12 passenger van home. LOL {Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving & taking photos! My phone stays away while driving!}

Details of this Tuesday’s open house event with makeup trainer Shawn…

Poseidon Spa at Casa Monica Hotel
This event is ONLY Tuesday, June 16, from 1:00 – 5:00 pm.
$30 for a 30 minute personalized session, receive a $30 credit towards your Jane Iredale makeup purchase.

Paula did my makeup so I could give you an example of a before-and-after makeup session. It took me a bit to get used to the darker eyes but I think I like it! My daughter said it was a little much. What do you think?


  1. pauline says

    You look great! I have always wanted to try the smoky eye look too but haven’t had the nerve. I may now.

    • says

      Thank you, Pauline! I had tried at home and just looked beat up. LOL It was so helpful to sit under Paula’s tutelage. Give them a call next time you can splurge on you and enjoy! ~Allie O

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