Spoiled Beauties Salon

**Update: Spoiled Beauties Salon has moved to St. Augustine Beach! Same friendly gals and high quality, organic skincare line but in an even cuter location! See photos of the new, fabulous location at this updated Spoiled Beauties Salon St Augustine Beach post.**

Y’all know I’m “mamma” to 7 sweet kiddos and, as such, I love a bit of pampering when I can squeeze it in. {If you didn’t know, Hi! I’m Allie O and I write this blog about St. Augustine!} Ok, now that we’re officially friends, I have to tell you about the salon I’m loving these days. {A page with other amazing St. Augustine salons & spas will be up soon!}

Angie, my hairstylist, recently moved to Spoiled Beauties Salon. It’s a super convenient location {as long as the bridge isn’t up} on Anastasia Island and is next door to GAS Full Service Restaurant. Anything that close to GAS must be amazing just by rubbing up against it!

Spoiled Beauties Treatment Room H
This velvet curtain is the gateway to ahhhhhh… {relaxation}

Jennifer, the owner of the salon, opened Spoiled Beauties after moving to St. Augustine a few years ago. She’s passionate about organics and all natural ways to care for the skin and invited me to experience a relaxing, cleansing facial. The small treatment room’s dim lighting set the stage for a soothing hour.

Spoiled Beauties St Augustine Salon
Slipping into this body wrap allows Jennifer’s treatment to extend to shoulders and the decolletage.

Every esthetician has their own style and I quickly identified Jen’s strength. Over the years she has been in the industry, she has developed the perfect pressure and relaxing massage even while applying product. Under her skilled hands, I completely relaxed. Stress melted from my body as daily wear melted from my skin with the aid of gentle exfoliators and moisturizing masques and creams. If you haven’t gone for a facial, definitely splurge for one!

Facials in St Augustine Spoiled Beauties
Spoiled Beauties carries the Eminence line of all natural skin care products.
Eminence Products St Augustine Spoiled Beauties
You can continue your skin care at home with Eminence products.

Spoiled Beauties carries products you can use at home as well. I confessed that my skin care routine currently consists of wiping the day’s dirt away with a baby wipe and then rinsing… and Jennifer didn’t kick me out. LOL She’s very down-to-earth and suggested some simple products I could try but there was no pressure to purchase. I didn’t yet because I don’t impulse buy but I’m trying to decide what would be realistic to incorporate into my currently-non-existant skincare routine… I want to look as healthy {if not as young} when I hit the dance floor for baby Wesley’s wedding as I will with our first son. 😉

When you go in, say howdy from me!

Jennifer at Spoiled Beauties St Augustine
Simply friends, meet Jennifer at Spoiled Beauties Salon.

Spoiled Beauties Salon

Check their website or call Spoiled Beauties for skin care, hair care, brows, massage and more.

I received a complimentary facial so I could share about this service with you. Honest, full disclosure is a hallmark of Simply St. Augustine- you’ll see a note like this anytime we are comp’d an experience!


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