Summer Beauty Tip: Protect Hair from Sun

Angie has kept my hair looking good through the hormones of 2 pregnancies and nursing sweet little ones, tamed the tangles on humid days and generally kept me looking decent through a lot of hot Florida summers. She’s guest posting today and will keep beauty tips for #FloridaGirls rolling in each month! This post contains affiliate links.

Living in the sunshine state means the sun is a big part of our lives. While beach days in full sun are amazing, they’re not great for our hair and skin. Most of us are aware of the damaging effects of the sun on our skin, but we overlook our hair.   The sun actually breaks down the hair’s protein (Keratin), leaving us with straw-like tresses.   Unfortunately, the only real fix to this damage is to cut off our hair.  So being proactive will save you from getting a pixie at the end of the summer!

#FloridaGirl Beauty Tips

Years as a stylist, and as a Florida resident, have taught me how to care for summer hair.

6 Tips to Protect Your Hair from Summer Sun

  1. Wear a big hat. And no, visors don’t count. Look for a wide-brim hat like this. You spent the time and money on your hair color, you need to protect it.
  2. Use the right products. Applying UVB and UVA protectant every day is a great way to keep your hair fabulous. My product of choice is Neuma, the products all contain uvb and uva protectant so you don’t have to even worry about an extra step.
  3. Stay inside… not all the time but try while the sun is strongest between 11:00 & 2:00.
  4. Use a leave in conditioner or a heavier conditioner and don’t rinse it out.
  5.  Spray sunscreen directly into hair, making sure to get it on your part. Flakes are never pretty.
  6. Use a natural oil, such as an Argan oil.   This will also help with the humidity.


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Stay beautiful this summer!
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