58 Things to do when the Bridge is Up

Do you find yourself stuck in traffic regularly? Are you preparing for a road trip with kids? Whether you’re a St. Augustine local stuck on the bridge or not, this list will help you keep a good attitude, save some time or make a new memory when the car is crawling! This post contains affiliate links.

I don’t know how many times a day the Bridge of Lions goes up but it seems to always be when I’m running late! Instead of huffing and puffing, make the most of your new-found extra time! Put the car in park and choose one (or two or ten, depending on how many boats are going through) of my 58 Things to do when the bridge is up! A close friend wisely says, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” Why not make a cherished memory the next time you’re stuck on the bridge?

what to do when the bridge is up

Before you start reading, though, I must say that this list is only for the driver if the car is in park or turned off! Otherwise, hand the phone to your passenger and stay safe out there! Without further ado, I present my list of what to do when the bridge is up.

58 Things to do when the Bridge is Up

1. Call your mother As a mamma, I am positive that this should be #1. Maybe I should make it #13, #25 and #58 also… just to make sure you call your mom.
2. Moisturize hands Keep some calming lavendar lotion in the car so you don’t yell at the sailboat slowing you down.
3. Delete out of date contacts 
4. Have a Lip Sync Battle I’m pretty sure you’ll need to video this for posterity’s sake.
5. Practice your selfie face Let’s “face” it… the selfie is here to stay. You may as well rock it when you snap your next photo! And this gives neighboring cars something to laugh at so it’s a win-win.
6. Learn and practice Pig Latin If you don’t know Pig Latin, you haven’t graduated childhood. Learn it. Practice it. Teach it to those you love. And then laugh.a.lot.
7. Listen to an eBook My littles love Your Story Hour. I like educational or inspirational stuff like Bob Goff, Michael Hyatt and CJ Mahaney. Use your down time to catch up or find a new favorite.
8. Clean up inside the car I keep a few Publix bags in the pocket of my door for this purpose. Use your spare moments to tidy up!
9.  Laugh out Loud! Read the Amazon reviews for sugar-free gummy bears.
10. Clean Out your inbox I love the Unroll.me service but somehow my inbox still fills up! Use this time to delete.delete.delete.
11. Tweeze eyebrows After you’ve pulled a couple, realize that you’d be better off having it done for you. Call Jen at Spoiled Beauties and schedule an appointment. Set a reminder to thank Simply St. Augustine after said appointment because you’ll love your new look! Jen does great natural brows… and facials too but that’s for another number.
12. Tell jokes If you come across a really corny one, call your Dad and tell him, too.
13. Call your mother You thought I was joking, didn’t you? No. I’m serious. Call her.
14. Update your facebook status… “Late because I’m stuck on the Bridge Of Lions. Again…”
15. Play The Alphabet Game Our family plays The Alphabet Game like this: The first player says, “I’m going on a picnic and I am bringing an armadillo.” The next player says, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing an armadillo and a baton.” Player 3 says, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing an armadillo, a baton and a caterpillar.” It keeps going like that until the poor soul who has Z has to recite it all. It’s a great memory challenge!
16. Get rid of those annoying app notifications by tweaking your phone’s settings.
17. Practice braiding your hair unless you have no hair. In which case you can surf radio stations instead.
18. Catch up on your favorite blog which, obvs, would be Simply St. Augustine!
19. Give yourself a mani/pedi For real, this is the best time for it because you’re just sitting there… they won’t smudge on anything! I keep a manicure kit in the car to trim and file and I like these OPI kits for a quick polish.
20. Replace one word of a song/movie title with the word “bacon” i.e. Bacon Wars or The Lord of the Bacon. Because life is too short to be serious all the time.
21. Check your teeth to make sure the salad from lunch is long gone.
22. Make a grocery list
23. Make a bucket list
24. Make a Christmas/Birthday Wishlist You can jot it on the back of a receipt or type it straight in amazon.
25. Call your mother. Like, now.
26. Go on a theoretical shopping spree What would you do with the current lottery jackpot?
27. Play the Celebrity Name Game – go around in a circle. The first player names someone famous: Betty White. The next player uses the first letter of the last name to name some one else. So, using with W in White, he may say Walt Disney. The next player uses the D in Disney. If someone says a name with a double letter such as Donald Duck the play reverses direction.
28. Listen to a podcast 
29. Apply makeup It’s never ok to do this while driving, but while parked? Go for it!
30. Tell a story taking turns one sentence at a time Have you tried this? It’s great… unless you’re a control freak. LOL
31. Get out of the car and take in the view
32. Evaluate your friends list Maybe it’s time to clean house?!
33. Count the birds that fly by Every single time pelicans fly by, my dad counts them. Every.single.time. I’ve never asked why because I already know. It brings him joy! Try it just for the heck of it.
34. Do some manscaping Yes, beards are in… but did you know you’re supposed to trim them and comb them and lotion them? Yeah… take care of that thing.
35. Write an Amazon review Bonus points if it’s hilarious for a silly product, like the banana bunker.
36. Play Fortunately/Unfortunately Players take turns adding onto one another’s story alternating between fortunately & unfortunately. Example: I took a trip to grandma’s. Fortunately I packed my bathing suit. Unfortunately a blizzard blew through! Fortunately I also packed snowshoes. Unfortunately they were 12 sizes too big. Fortunately, they fit my grandma’s pet sasquatch…
37. What’s the best thing you ever ate? Swap stories with your friends.
38. Google the history of your hometown
39. Recite poetry or scripture “Consider it pure joy when you meet trials of various kinds…” you didn’t know James 1:2 applied to bridges being up, did you? It does.
40. Math Drills You know the kids don’t practice enough anyways.
41. If you could only eat 3 things for the rest of your life what would they be? I think mine would be chocolate, eggs and jackfruit. Or garlic, onions and beef. Or bourbon. Just bourbon. LOL
42. Who Sang It Best? i.e. Righteous Brothers or LeeAnn Rimes on Unchained Melody
43. Contemplate the complexities of the English language For instance: i before e except after c unless you plan to pull a feisty heist on your weird beige neighbor
44. Clean your dash If you have baby wipes, or napkins and a bottle of water, get to work wiping off the past year’s dust.
45. Play Where In The World Am I? This is a version of 20 questions where a player thinks of a place in the world and the rest of the players ask yes and no questions to try to guess the place.  Is it cold there? Do people wear hula skirts there? Do they eat a lot of sauerkraut there? Do they make up silly games about what to do when the bridge is up there? You get the idea.
46. License Plate/Street Sign/Billboard Bingo- If you’re stuck in town where you can see a lot of signs nearby, try this! We usually either look for as many states as we can find or we use the letters and numbers to spell out our whole names and birthdates.  Our family rule is only one letter or number per sign.
47. Decide what you’ll name future children or pets
48. Practice naming states and capitols I got 37 in 2 minutes last time.
49. Learn a new language or two or three! Try one phrase or question in as many languages as possible.
50. Heads Up Download the cell phone app game called Heads Up.
51. Support local businesses Leave positive reviews for your favorite local businesses on facebook, Yelp!, Zamato, etc.
52. What’s your all time favorite book and why? You have time… try having a real life conversation!
53. Exercise Do a Chinese Fire Drill. Get out of the car and do push ups, planks, squats or run in place until the bridge goes down. Just get moving and FEEL THE BURN!
54. Play 20 Questions i.e. animal, vegetable, mineral?
55. Listen to NPR and debate both sides of an issue because anyone can insist they’re right but it takes a wise person to empathize with “the other side”, research both and then come to a well rounded conclusion.
56. Contemplate your desert island survival kit What 3 items would you have to have and why? Think carefully… you’ll be prepared for the next shower game and you can WIN the prize! Mua-ha-haaa!!!
57. Hello My Name is: Another alphabet game where you take turns in a circle starting with the letter A. The first player say Hello my name is Alfred (any A name) I’m from Alabama (any place in the world starting with A) and I have a pet alligator (any animal that starts with A).  The next player uses the letter B and so on.  It gets funny if you get into it and use accents and voices for your characters.
58. Call your mother. Tell her you love her. Because life is short and people are precious.



    • says

      Thank you, dahling! What did I forget on my list?! Feel free to add on! ~Allie O

  1. Jane says

    Some fun ideas here… How about “head math”? For example, slowly say something like. 3 + 5 + 8+ 7 – 2 = ? Use multiplication and division for older kids. You can make it easy or challenging. Great for the mind! (And my guys enjoyed the challenge.) Then call your father…

    • says

      Fun idea! But, as a writer, you’re making my head hurt. I guess that means I need to exercise the math part of my brain more!! 😉 Thanks, Jane! ~Allie O

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