Treaty Park

We were looking for a playground.  I wanted to avoid the crowds at the downtown parks, so we turned left out of the Old City Farmer’s Market and headed for Treaty Park.

Once you make it to CR 207, you turn onto Wildwood (don’t worry about getting turned around- you can only turn one direction) and you’ll find the entrance down on the right.

Treaty Park covers 47 acres, so even on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, I knew there would be plenty of room to picnic and play.  This county park has every possible playspace a park could offer.  What?  You want the whole list?  Tennis courts, racquetball courts, basketball courts and paddle tennis, soccer fields, a baseball/softball diamond, horseshoe & bocce ball courts, a nice playground, a partially shaded boardwalk between the woods and the duck pond, covered picnic pavilions, a skate park with pro shop (if you forgot drinks or snacks, stop here first)… and of course there is the dog park, football fields, plenty of space for kite flying and bathrooms!!

There were 2 birthday parties going on & I pulled into the last parking spot in our lot, but I didn’t need to worry- there is plenty of room at this spacious park for everyone!  Slides, monkey bars, swings & bongos make this playground so spacious & diverse that “big kids” can play alongside little ones with no problem.

As the sun rose in the sky, we made our way to the boardwalk that meanders between the duck pond and some woods.  Turtles, fish and several varieties of ducks made for a fun game of I Spy.

We’d picked up lunch from the Ancient City Farmer’s Market and drinks from Panera’s Drive Thru.  We dined on recently harvested, sweet, crisp carrots, freshly baked Spanikopita and calzones (pictured below)…  what a delish picnic!

Andrew liked his lunch… but he saved some for the ducks.

We don’t have any skaters in the family (too many hospital trips without adding skateboard accidents!) but I had to see what the Skate Park was all about.

You enter through the Pro Shop which seemed well stocked… at least they had plenty of cold drinks in the cooler and lots of skateboards.  And air conditioning.

The skate park boasts 28,000 square feet of concrete.  I saw a small area for beginners and plenty of room for advancing boarders of all skill levels in the bigger… area? pool? paved pit of perils?  Well, however you say that, there are ½ pipes, ledges, banks, a “pool” complete with a deep end and shallow end, rails… lots of space for your skateboarding pleasure.

THIS was the funniest part to me.  Just in case.  Yes, they’ve needed it (of course I asked!).  It’s like Uncle Will always says, “It’s not if you’ll get hurt… but when you’ll have an accident!”  Well, he was talking about motorcycles… but it mostly applies here.  😉

I didn’t have a pooch with me- so we didn’t check out the dog park.  If anyone wants to send in some pictures, your doggie can be famous!  {SimplyStAugustine {at} gmail {dot} com}

I’m so glad we found this park… the whole family had a blast!   Until next time, this is Allie O signing off & reminding you to enjoy the parks, the food, the weather… Simply enjoy St. Augustine!

Treaty Park
1595 Wildwood Drive
Robert-Laryn Skate Park Concession# 829-3555


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