7 Things my 7 Children Love About St. Augustine

what to do with kids in st augustine

I get it. You’re traveling all the way here… you want your vacation to be good great! But how do you do St. Augustine with kids? History is hard for little ones to grasp… and there is sooo… muuuch… waaaaalllllking.

Here are 7 things my 7 children love about St. Augustine:

  1. Plenty of sweet stops to distract fussy kiddos. I do not bribe. I really don’t. But I am absolutely going to encourage great behavior with a sweet treat!!! {There’s a difference. I swear.} Our favorite sweet stops are:
    1. Cafe del Hidalgo for the Copa to Share
    2. The Hyppo for a locally made, gourmet ice pop
    3. Mix & Match Candy Shop or Gizmo Candy Shop (in the air conditioned hallway behind the Tervis Store on St. George Street)
    4. Cousteau’s Waffle & Milkshake Bar
  2. Carousel rides for $1 at Davenport Park
  3. Green space to get their wiggles out!!
    1. SWING Park
    2. Castillo de San Marco’s Green- go ahead and roll down the hill. It’s good to laugh & get a little bit of dirt on your jeans!
    3. The Plaza. If mom is tuckering out before the kids are, stop in Kookaburra for a coffee pick-me-up!
  4. Pedicabs for tired little feet. Don’t “force march” the kids to dinner then expect happy campers! Bring some emergency PediCab cash instead. Pedicabs work for tips- think $5-$10 for a quick ride to dinner. There is also a golf cart that operates the same way.
  5. Lots of EXTRA summertime fun! I’ll be updating the 31 Days of Summer in St. Augustine series in late May but you can go ahead and read last year’s page to get some ideas!
  6. Pizzalley’s Chianti Room during Happy Hour {4:00 – 6:00 pm weekdays} Free Pizza slice + BOGO grown-up drinks = happy everyone!
  7. Olde Towne Toys If you haven’t been, go! This toy store has all the good quality toys you remember plus tons you’ll wish you had discovered earlier!! Want a sandcastle the shape of the Taj Mahal? They’ve got it. Want a fun family game that teaches history? Yep, they have that covered too. Books, quiet toys for long car rides, creative toys for the little inventor in your family and high quality dress-up they won’t want to take off! Olde Towne Toys is easy to find (on US1 aka Ponce de Leon Blvd) and they are bound to have something you need! Say howdy from me.

Of course there is so much to see & do here! We’ve been parents on the First Coast for 17 years and still haven’t done it all!

I’m slowly building Preschoolers Guides to St. Augustine to help you have fun with your little ones on vacation. You can play tourist in a way preschoolers will enjoy… based on colors! Start with Green Day.

Green Day Kids St Augustine Guide

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